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ReporterCommunity (NEWS)

Token sale completed on 31 May
Goal: 3 000 000 USD
ReporterCommunity (NEWS)

Blockchain brings trust back once again to media in age of fakenews. We need developed and launched an MVP app and web platform for User Generated Contents (UGC) a year ago. Today we currently have 25k+ installs from 136 countries, and 100+ news clients of the working platform. As a 'cross industry' solution we've started an ICO, based on our new blockchain founded development. We are using Blockchain to confirm and validate the information – against content manipulation. 4 'big fishes' are in the board as beta testers. We likewise have a detailed development plan for additional features (AI implementation and micro api s for sellable livestreaming contents).

Token Sale: 22 October — 31 May
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