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Token sale completed on 08 September
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rloop (RLP)

The rLoop Network are a globally distributed and crowdsourced innovation community. Our mission is always to develop and launch innovative technology fueled by a genuine desire to increase the world and humanity. The community facilitates the collaboration of global skill and resources, enabling anybody to contribute to potentially world-changing tech. The rLoop Network harnesses and incentivises the individual ability for innovation.
rLoop thinks innovations in technology will let mankind to make exponential societal, economical, political, and cultural advancements. We believe that for radical innovations to be really radical, they need to feel decoupled from conventional motivations. We believe there is certainly an improved way for individuals to work together. We are creating the future of work; a network to democratise higher tech. And we’ve already started with all the future of transport, the Hyperloop.

Token Sale: 08 June — 08 September
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