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Goal: 1,000,000 USD
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Saiterm (SAIEX)

Our goal is always to fund the growth of this manufacturing and advertisements of a real, totally revolutionary product for higher efficiency heating of environments, staying independent and autonomous, financing via the blockchain, the production of production and commercial places necessary for the production and distribution of the very efficient warming system on earth, a system already designed, patented, applied and tested.
How we are?
Thanks to over thirty several years of enjoy as well as the creativity of our technical staff, straight away we’ve been in a position to take over as leaders in the tech in the interior heating sector and also in certain commercial applications, in particular, the finishing and drying rounds of leathers, with extraordinarily efficient and innovative results. This has been feasible because of the harmonious and productive coexistence of completely different mindsets and activities.
Different, yet with a great deal in common, including an eyesight the future, and the might to face and overcome the difficulties it may present, and at instances, also anticipating them, like in the situation of Spring and Radiant, our current primary technology. Our team’s expertise in specific sectors, because well as their energy as well as the power to innovate, permits us to very different specifications in the most effective possible way.
In fact, the ideas that prevailed during the development phases of our heating products belonged to those most concerned about living comfort, energy efficiency and design.
With this try to contribute to well-being, it absolutely was improved to fit its environment and efficiency. When the merchandise for commercial sectors were developed, the prevailing tip at Saiterm ended up being one delicate to operate, productivity, margin of profit and employee safety, while also targeting simplicity and comfort for the user.
What is Saiterm?
Saiterm will be incorporated to produce and distributing heating techniques. The growth of this system, which will be produced by Saiterm, is called SPRING, offering a derivative that exploits cutting- edge financial and commercial technology, to make and distribute an extremely sought-after item, as absolutely necessary and that responds to future global specifications in terms of energy effectiveness and wellbeing for humans.
Our goals:
The main objective of Saiterm are to add to wellbeing, it was improved to fit its environment and inefficiency.
We try to develop cutting-edge tech products, designed to reduce power usage and emissions.
Saiterm Token (SAIEX) could be the utility token that governs usage of the various services on the Saiterm system. SAIEX is compatible with the ERC20 standard, and there is continual updates on its smart contract to ensure a set price (1 SAIEX = 1 USD).
SAIEX Tokens will become exchanged on Exchange and since our sector is in continuous expansion, also it is expected to continue growing next couple of years, we expect its value to increase in the long run. It will be very simple to purchase our products using SAIEX Tokens. This can make SAIEX Tokens a popular currency in all areas worldwide. Additionally, if the Company is qualified to receive IPO, it really is possible to change SAIEX Tokens with Company shares.

Token Sale: 01 December — 10 July
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