Bitcoin -62.58
$19,160.21 -0.32661%
Ethereum 19.48
$1,065.64 1.82825%
XRP 0.03
$0.43 6.39803%
Zcash 0.39
$53.12 0.72632%
Monero -1.87
$116.06 -1.61137%
Tether 0.00
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Elite 0.00
$0.00 21.53659%
Stellar 0.00
$0.67 -0.27109%
Token sale completed on 10 September
5,866,322 USD 40,000,000 SWC 14%
Website Whitepaper
Scanetchain (SWC)

Scanetchain is a decentralized open platform where users can freely define and offer their contents and products for royalty and disclosure fee.It is structured to seamlessly bring together ads, products and contents to form an interlinked ecosystem of multiple platforms.
Scanetchain uses augmented reality (AR) technology to make sure interoperability of marketing, shopping, contents, social networking services in both online and offline setting, without a glitch in transition.
Scanetchain offers a user-friendly user interface by reserving a split Off-chain area for faster transactions, enhanced modifying and deleting functionality while the On-chain counterpart are dedicated for the decentralization within the blockchain network.

Token Sale: 10 August — 10 September
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