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SDAT Exchange ICO (SDAT) Logo

SDAT Exchange ICO (SDAT)

Token sale completed on 19 June
Goal: 30,000,000 USD
Website Whitepaper
SDAT Exchange ICO (SDAT)

SDAT Exchange may be the world’s first Ultra-High-Speed Decentralized Exchange dedicated to partnering with institutional investors to resolve traditional company tokenomics utility needs!
SDAT builds an orderly private placement process, utilizing SDAT token as the medium to fairly disseminate investment quota to people and allow members to possess appropriate usage of roadshows and due diligence.
The market use benefits for SDAT DEX are phenomenal: we have a fast growing base of over 40,000 beta users from 150 nations that joined united states in 6 months upon DEX publish!
SDAT tokens will likely be sold in 4 rounds, you start with Q3 2019 as the first Pre-Sale round, matching quarterly platform developing roadmap. We wish sponsors to rest assure that individuals are keeping with developing work, prior to getting further support for subsequent rounds.
Earlier rounds get deeper discounts so participate nowadays!
You will also receive nice recommendation bonuses!

Token Sale: 01 October — 19 June
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