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Secret Trees is an environmentally-conscious agricultural company and next generation technology solutions provider. Founded in 2018, Secret Trees aims to contribute to a sustainable global agro-economy through the industrial and commercial developing of the growing interest in the agricultural crop Hemp. Our strategic goals is to become a leader inside manufacturing of commercial hemp in Eastern Europe within 5 years.

The installation of the Secret Trees factory is likely to be completed in 12-18 months. The goal for the factory would be the processing of hemp and production of hemp products and hempcrete; processing will commence through Secret Trees company model once the factory in operational.
Secret Trees proposes to offer derivative agreements to enable hemp producers to lock in the prices they will spend for hemp at that time of Secret Trees ICO once the factory is operational And later on as a way to manage risk. Derivatives is going to be readily available for hemp.
Tokenized Futures agreements and Call Options is going to be released pre-factory installation, thereby producing the Secret Trees Minimum Viable Product
Additional info:
Secret Trees resolves the issues mentioned in both the hemp and construction industry through our triple token model.
STE – Secret Trees Equity.
Investors acquire an ownership stake in the organization, the right to dividends and access to token price motions from the company’s company activities. Following the full installing the Secret Trees factory, dividends will feel compensated from profits created from hemp income and manufacturing sales.
STU – Utility.
Individuals and hemp manufacturers is given access to our hemp facilities. This token entitles a person to have their hemp prepared within our Latvian-based factory, and offers hemp manufacturers access to the derivatives contracts mentioned above
The sale of the STU coin is going to be available once the date of the plant's performance try known most precisely, the believed time frame try Q3 2020
STS – Seed Token.
The STS seed token is generated by holding STU utility tokens. It represents a reward inside form of hemp seeds to promote further hemp growth/production. The STU is locked in for a specific period, at the end of which STS tokens are produced. For the initial generation of STS tokens, we are going to offer an interface to lock lots of the STU tokens for 30 times hence, you may have 30 times to lock your STU in order to generate STS. The quantity of STS tokens which will be generated is separate of when you lock your STU in this time frame.

Token Sale: 30 November — 31 December
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