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Serenity (SRNT)

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Token sale completed on 07 March
3,936,870 USD
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Serenity (SRNT)

Serenity — a blockchain platform that protects the pursuits of merchants and buyers. We guarantee safety of merchants' funds by inserting them on SERENITY sensible contracts. The contract is created and structured to make sure that funds switch proceed solely by the mutual consent of the dealer and the dealer. If a battle happens, SERENITY can mediate within the transaction.
For the choice to be clear and legit, SERENITY information digital signatures of broker-trader interactions in blockchain. The know-how reduces generally related monetary dangers for merchants in any a part of the world.
What is extra? Crypto merchants can spend money on traditional property whereas protecting their accounts in nominated cryptocurrency and receiving revenue in cryptocurrency.

Token Sale: 25 January — 07 March
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