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Skelpy (SKP)

The Skelpy task aim is to produce a totally decentralized and clear blockchain, in which every wallet has an avowed electronic identification.
Transactions is going to be noticeable to everybody, however the individuals will feel certified and recognized following visibility criterion.
So you’ll be able for the consumer to issue deals on the blockchain with a certified wallet (normal person or legal person) or with an uncertified wallet.
The Skelpy blockchain is founded on tech DPS (Delegate Proof of Stake) in which there are 51 forging nodes that has the job of keeping the net active and performing.
Skelpy project intends to provide a certifying service for wallets in the belongings group, ever allowing the use of non-nominative wallets within the blockchain. Certifying the wallet offers benefits in terms of safety and services to people who utilize Skelpy blockchain.
A certified wallet is safer than a non-certified one because it can dispose of ancillary features and services. A certified wallet attests that a specified subject recognized by the machine is holder of the wallet; this permits transparency and safety in transactions between two subjects.
The wallet certifying process are an irreversible procedure, because to a solitary wallet can feel associated a unique natural or legal subject.
Besides, a certified user can have other certified or non-nominative (perhaps not certified) wallets.
SkeplySystem are a decentralized platform that allows to approve and recognize the wallets inside the Skelpy circle.
Through this technique you’ll be able to identify the subjects involved in the transactions based on the amount of authority permitted by the wallets owners.
The wallets could be recognized at the discernment of the rightful owner that chooses the presence of their own wallet.

Token Sale: 23 March — 23 April
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