Bitcoin -135.07
$30,081.00 -0.44901%
Ethereum -32.00
$2,045.60 -1.56409%
XRP -0.01
$0.42 -1.6122%
Zcash 1.76
$108.19 1.63122%
Monero 5.89
$169.28 3.47693%
Tether 0.00
$1.00 -0.06044%
Elite 0.00
$0.00 21.53659%
Stellar 0.00
$0.67 -0.27109%
Token sale completed on 18 March
7,247,400 USD
Website Whitepaper

Skraps is a micro-investing platform in which users can invest by rounding off their transactions in cryptocurrencies. The free changes is invested in a portfolio of cryptocurrencies chosen by the users based on their risk appetite. These portfolios are handled by professional cryptocurrency managers to make sure the very best returns on assets. We introduce SKRAPS token which is accustomed pay transaction fees in Skraps system and professional fees to your portfolio managers. Our eyesight is to render cryptocurrency investing so simple that every person can begin investing in only several clicks. Skraps system try our first step because way.

Token Sale: 25 February — 18 March
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