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Skychain (SCH)

Skychain is an infrastructure blockchain task aimed to host, train and utilize synthetic neural networks (ANNs) by market participants. First years of Skychain development will likely be devoted simply to medicine to assist doctors and patients have actually accurate diagnoses using this system. Skychain is a "sharing economy" task, this means that each person in the Skychain ecosystem will provide their resources and hence create an item that try ahead of any rivals. In their turn, the machine will reward each participant with higher advantages. Skychain is a project that may "uberize" artificial neural systems, but with developers of individual ANNs as opposed to taxi drivers, customers of ANNs (physicians and patients) instead of people and computer systems and server of miners as opposed to automobiles. In the future, Skychain might be used for building, fast distributed classes and additional utilization of a broad range of neural networks not just in treatments. IBM estimates the artificial cleverness market in the sphere of treatments at $200 billion a year in many years. The goals of Skychain would be to seize control over 70% of this market! The method to achieve this goal is to create the most effective open infrastructure that may accumulate the resources of most participants of this industry and surpass any shut business product.

Token Sale: 26 February — 08 April
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