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Token sale completed on 15 August
5,000,000 USD 5,000,000 USD 100%
Website Whitepaper

SKYFchain is the very first B2R (Business-to-Robots) blockchain based operating platform. This private blockchain system provides independent safe data-exchange and repayment channels for a total support of robot – centric logistics. The SKYFChain Operating Platform will according to private blockhain. It use ERC20 compatible protocol for SKYFT tokens and build payment channels for trade transactions. SKYFchain is exclusive because it will become created to exclude the individual as an intermediary and it’ll have access to confirmed clients of this first commercial high quality cargo drone – the SKYF drone, that is currently flying. Technically, the primary purpose of the SKYFchain is to integrate critical information for all market individuals and organize execution of smart-contracts for transactions. SKYFchain aims to build the complete brand new industry of airborne cargo drones and later invite groundborne and sea-borne cargo robots for the newest business possibilities in funding, manufacturing, operations, maintenance, insurance, and authorization of drones and robots. SKYFchain Business Model: We issue the fixed amount of SKYFT tokens, which will be required for just about any deal inside the SKYFchain. A person requests a transaction in SKYFchain and pays securely in fiat money through his smart contract. SKYFchain aquires SKYFT tokens at a crypto exchange to perform the transaction.

Token Sale: 10 March — 15 August
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