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SmartChain Media (SCM)

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SmartChain Media try an interactive media business that aims to revolutionize the activities industry by leveraging innovative blockchain technology. Our web system and mobile application is called iProdoos, which will represent the evolution of activities, crowdfunding, and streaming content built on Web 3.0 blockchain technology. With use of the blockchain, we is building a tokenized ecosystem where users can fund the growth of the information they love and the ideas they want to see brought to lifetime. Users will have the ability to earn our proprietary MediaCoins, on the basis of the success of the projects they help, which can be used within our system or exchanged for fiat. We will also cut out middlemen from all transactions and interactions between fans and creators, assisting a truly fan-driven, organic environment that doesn’t need marketing budgets or Hollywood relationships to ensure that creators to bring their efforts seen and funded.

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