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Token sale completed on 28 December
1,000,000 USD
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Spectiv (SIG)

The greatest distinction between Spectiv and different VR streaming platforms is the user-driven content material. Spectiv is a decentralized, person built-in trade of digital actuality experiences. In different phrases, Spectiv is not only a portal for viewers to observe well-liked VR occasions – it’s an setting the place customers from the world over can share their actual life experiences with others. This might imply a viewer residing within the United States might placed on a VR headset and see via the lens of a streamer in Italy or Japan, from the consolation of their residence. That streamer may very well be visiting a big web site or landmark that’s native/commonplace to them, however distinctive and novel to viewers 1000’s of miles away.

Token Sale: 21 December — 28 December
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