Bitcoin 882.41
$24,790.00 3.55953%
Ethereum 130.42
$2,012.24 6.48121%
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Monero 6.32
$166.54 3.79358%
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Token sale completed on 31 August
Goal: 658,910 USD
Website Whitepaper

STAR BIT EX is a decentralized trade (DEX)based on 0x protocol. The main characteristic of decentralized exchanges is its transaction mode: wallet to wallet. Also, DEX don’t require KYC (Know-Your-Customer),meaning people don't need to register nor offer any personal facts, so individual privacy try completely safeguarded. As an effect, people no much longer must stress the incidents like exchange attacks by code hackers or funds stolen by internal staff.
STAR BIT Global Union project aims to found a union for 0x protocol users and build a shared order-pool. Also, we provide the technology transfer for 0x DEX supporters to build their very own DEX,which can help expand our union.Through this, we would solve two major issues for DEX:insufficient liquidity and little trading volume.
For SBT holders, STAR BIT provides a Trading Dividend. We transfer 50% of the day-to-day trading cost to your SBT holders by smart agreement. They will obtain an equivalent trading dividend on the basis of the percentage of SBT held.
STAR Chain project is devoted to the application and growth of blockchain technology. We aim to provide services that can connect with all DApps from different blockchain networks with minimal friction costs,which are not restricted by the blockchain's innate structure.

Token Sale: 01 August — 31 August
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