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Token sale completed on 16 August
Goal: 554,500 USD
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Stellerro (STRO)

Take Part within the future of Digital Securities Investments.
Stellerro™ is an alternate investment banking platform, automatic, in-scale, determined to create liquidity to the digital era.
Stellerro™ is spearheading a forward thinking umbrella the emerging digital securities industry, ensuring companies meet up with the right underwriting, compliance & distribution processes of many regulated jurisdictions. Whether you’re a secured asset owner, entrepreneur or a startup, Stellerro's team of experts are standing by to assist whatever you need to be able to navigate this groundbreaking business.
As the bridge between old-fashioned money markets and the innovative realm of electronic securities supported by Blockchain technologies, Stellerro™ has aligned with top global financial organizations and investment funds as a dedicated partner to improve the integration of both ecosystems.
Whether you’re an Asset owner, Entrepreneur or a Startup, Stellerro™ is your mind trust for data and insights, your Underwriter & Financial Distributor.

Token Sale: 17 June — 16 August
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