Bitcoin 15.31
$10,507.06 0.14572%
Ethereum -1.38
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Zcash 0.82
$53.36 1.53496%
Monero 2.78
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$0.07 1.86032%
Token sale completed on 30 November
Goal: 3 486 000 USD

The concept of SVPER replaces user profiles, pictures and texts with immediate video invitations. Users can see just what people near them is starting (or planning to accomplish), choose the big event they wish to join, and meet them in individual right away. The more people socialize, the greater SVP tokens they have. With SVPER, meeting new someone is immediate, secure, friendly and real. SVP Token acts two key needs to incentivise users through a tokenized economy also to develop a scalable company economy model with various income channels and currencies. Upon the MVP launch with freemium monetization model, additional monetization methods will be introduced in to the software whenever they have been believed to top meet up with the passions of the SVPER community and optimize the gains.

Token Sale: 17 September — 30 November
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