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Swace (SWACE)

Swace try a unique, blockchain-based social video gaming application, which benefits its consumers for engaging with and advertising associated companies in a fun and interactive means. Via the Swace software, any brand, item, or services provider can launch a social video gaming campaign, which has been adapted and developed to its target readers and simultaneously rewards gamers.

Why do brands require Swace?

Blockchain technology produces a valuable, sustainable business model for the brand and Swace. It also brings transparency and distribution towards Swace gaming community, which advances the ROI of the listed brands' marketing investments. This is accomplished by players engaging with their preferred brands.

How does Swace perform?

Any brand can launch their social (advertising) gaming campaign by selecting a game scenario from pre-configured gaming structures on the Swace software. The software then calculates the operational cost that the brand will should pay towards platform owner for web hosting and managing the overall game. The brand's marketing budget will then be charged, and the game-winning pool within the app will be funded with SWACE tokens. Brands are furthermore in a position to buy SWACE tokens on the internal Swace exchange directly off their token holders such as investors, other brands, as well as gamers. For gamers, the SWACE tokens are put as a reward and can be exchanged for genuine products and services provided by the associated brands in the Swace Marketplace, at brand shops, or transformed on the Swace Swap exchange into FIAT currencies. In regards to pros for companies, they have been able to utilize the coins they gather from gamers to launching newer games via the Swace App, or exchange them into FIAT in the Swace Swap.

Token Sale: 15 July — 22 July
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