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Take Profit (TP)

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Token sale completed on 28 December
1,083,204 USD
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Take Profit are a specialist system by which experienced traders offer their recommendations (signals) for investing cryptocurrency, and users can purchase and make use of these recommendations. TakeProfit provides expert traders with a chance to monetize their skills by straight offering them to their subscribers. Subscribers can make income using the skills and recommendations of traders. To do this, customers get access to indicators of this performance of a certain trader — TakeProfit rating, average give of signals, frequency of publications, danger level, etc. This permits you to create a rational option within their marketplace strategy. Such a tool are helpful as for an expert, who needs fresh tips, and for a beginner who doesn’t realize the marketplace styles and are afraid of being deceived. The free subscription type include the capability to view the annals of Trader’s closed publications posted with a delay and the number of published active signals. The compensated type as well as the likelihood of free subscription allows your to see active published signals of the Trader, follow them and make a profit.

Token Sale: 28 November — 28 December
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