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Token sale completed on 15 July
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The Collective try a Guernsey based Fintech company. Within The Collective ecosystem exists a few products.
The heart of this ecosystem try a residential area management company devoted exclusively to the incubation and management of Initial Token Offerings.
Also featured is CDEX, a fully operating global decentralized market for Ethereum based tokens.
Next could be the TraderOne central exchange. TraderOne will feel a robust trading platform for trading all different kinds of digital assets. We will also be proud to bring you The CollectiveGO game. The CollectiveGO is an augmented reality experiences driven by our native token, and monetized through different digital currency advertisers.
Finally, we have been proud to declare plans for The Collective Global Initiative.
The Collective Global Initiative encompasses all of our core values while providing creative ways to unite the gig economy, build general guidelines for the entire markets, and protect our communities by providing trustworthy outlets for everyone in the crypto area to savor.
We is providing the Community Development Exchange Token (CDEX) as part of our efforts to fund and develop the initiatives pointed out above, and our future endeavors.

Token Sale: 15 February — 15 July
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