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The Kudos Project

Token sale completed on 16 January
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Kudos could be the cryptocurrency for service-oriented businesses; it is a method to rate and reward workers and users impartially. By using the blockchain to accomplish transparency, Kudos will bring trust in ratings through cryptographically verified transactions that can not be manipulated by advertisements or algorithms—the shift could also be helpful eradicate tipping discrimination. As the service and market economies need boomed, much of this wealth created has remained in the possession of of this platform owners and investors. Tips and rewards have already been misaligned which creates inconsistent experiences on both sides. Kudos solves this issue by rewarding users and employees based on their actual performance and usage. Kudos becomes essential infrastructure for businesses across all service economies today — from ridesharing to coffee shops to restaurants — and become the backbone of web 3.0 and also the blockchain-based businesses of tomorrow.

Token Sale: 16 January — 16 January
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