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Token sale completed on 19 August
622,561 USD 36,366,750 USD 1%
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The Universal Exchange Marketplace (UXM) try a created to be a robust yet an easy task to utilize transaction exchange platform that empowers individuals and businesses worldwide to improve their earnings, riches, and benefits through optimized efficiencies on all sides of a deal while simultaneously and automatically multiplying the worthiness of each transaction for both buyer and vendor through proprietary UXM Multiplied Monetization (UMM) system. The UXM utilizes a group of proprietary blockchain driven algorithms and methods called CaaP (Customer as a Partner) to push this technique. The advantageous assets to users of the UXM are improved transaction outcome, multiplication of the worthiness of each deal, more opportunities for transactions, and a new channel of earnings and web worth building. The UXM try open to all individuals and companies worldwide with no risk with no obligation.

Token Sale: 28 May — 19 August
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