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Things Operating System (TOS) Logo

Things Operating System (TOS)

Token sale completed on 13 October
Goal: 100 000 000 USD

TOS try a decentralized hierarchical block community technology based on SDAG the Internet of Things (IoT) markets. This technology has good scalability ,it combines the technologies of blockchain guide and also the technology of directed acyclic graph to understand automated distribution of massive transaction information to hierarchical block network to reduce data redundancy for the entire network block and resolve the massive data storage problem of the Internet of Things markets; Users can choose to utilize free or paid transactions in line with the value of the information,which reaches the total amount of password economics; the open source and decentralized community protocols decrease the economic barrier to join the smart IoT network protocol (blockchain + IoT), they create a Cross-category, Cross-region smart-connected community protocol ecosystem .
An breakdown of the TOS eyesight, the project is divided into three phases to promote: 1) to accomplish the bottom public string of TOS thing-to-Internet. 2) open supply platform that will be employed for solution of the custom-build internet of thing. 3) offer unified protocol standard the big intelligent hardware maker.

Token Sale: 26 September — 13 October
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