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Token sale completed on 05 April
26,000,000 USD
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Thrive is a Blockchain based Marketplace to trade Advertising at extremely low costs. People receive money for information sharing as well as for reviewing the grade of each website in the ecosystem. YOU is finally using back the control of the internet. The Advertising industry is multi-billion dollar company that doesn’t make consumers any richer and heavily affects advertisers with regards to pricing and brand reputation risks. Same for writers with regards to involves bring paid or get banned without any clear explanation. Consumers that everyday keep sharing their information using social logins in the web are supporting this company without earning a single cent. At Thrive, we turn this model upside down, giving back control to individuals and increasing everyone's financial efficiency. People get back once again control of their information and finally make money just surfing on the internet. All information is profiled, made anonymous and stored in our block-chain. All sensible information is destroyed; we need people's information to be safe around. People control besides which publishers deserve become in this market place, reviewing the quality of their sites. And get rewarded because of it. Advertisers and publishers will be having to pay less for similar provider and monetize a great deal faster thanks to block-chain and smart-contracts. You publisher don’t be worried any longer, you are certain to get paid immediately and far more than prior to. You advertiser be confident your brand is protected and your advertisement is reaching the best audience. Thrive platform provides you the better consumers insight like nothing you’ve seen prior.

Token Sale: 05 March — 05 April
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