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Token sale completed on 18 December
Goal: Not set
Website Whitepaper

Tigereum is developing smooth client interfaces for people to use crypto. Our target audience are someone who don't use crypto yet, who wish to get involved in crypto but just can't efforts all of it down. We make an effort to solve this problem because they build improved customer interfaces for crypto which are like the social media platforms they use everyday. This will help additional people have into crypto.
Tigereum's very first objective is to allow everybody to firmly and easily submit crypto to buddies and household by instant message. We think that if tiny social transfers could be made easily with crypto, then more and more people begins to use crypto more quickly.
Tigereum’s secondary aim is to build on all the advantages of crypto to render messaging crypto a better and most protected solution for messaging funds across international borders. Indeed, digital wallets are excellent for very early adopters, and for securely sending large amounts of crypto, however they are maybe not inviting places for many people who wish to get into crypto the very first time and don’t want to become a computer programmer to operate it out.
Tigereum believes that crypto developers should deliver better client interfaces than social media companies. Crypto currently has the responses to a decentralized, borderless, secure, electronic, worldwide currency which can become messaged to anybody, anywhere. Crypto’s competitive advantages should make messaging money economical and convenient for everybody. The crypto community should join the instant messaging paradigm shift, and never keep messaging money towards social media companies.

Token Sale: 08 December — 18 December
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