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ToGETher Partner Program

Token sale is active until 01 December
Goal: None
Website Whitepaper

What is ToGETher ToGETher is conceived as a new generation multicurrency crowdfunding platform that combines ample opportunities for promoting and monetizing both individual projects and many different types of communities. The main goal of this resource is to change the public’s view of crowdfunding and thereby push the development of this market, especially in that stratum of countries in which public sponsorship of projects is not popular for various reasons. One of the features that distinguish ToGETher from other related sites is that we are aimed not at attracting already established investors, but at creating a global community within which users will be able not only to invest in projects, but also to earn on these very investments using the functionality of our platform. Now, in 2020, when the world is on the verge of a crisis, this is especially important. It is also important that ToGETher will work not only with traditional, but also with cryptocurrency blockchain projects. Moreover, we are ready to offer a conceptually new model for protecting cryptocurrency investors, which can not only indicate the development vector for the rest of the market, but also allow us to become one of the largest crypto organizations of our time. At the very moment when the crypto community realizes what is the reason for such a weak popularity of the cryptocurrency market in the eyes of a “conservative” society far from the precepts of cryptography, people will understand that the emergence of ToGETher is not a whim of the authors, but a necessary measure, the only meaning of which is to by your own example, indicate how you can “push” the evolution of the market for cryptographic services. ToGETher affiliate program and its meaning One in the field is a hero, a combat unit, but certainly not a full-fledged warrior. Society is always a group of people, but not a loner. All events significant for world history were almost always the result of the actions of many people united by a common goal. And there are quite understandable reasons for that. It is impossible to make history alone. No matter how ingenious strategist you think you are, you still need supporters who are ready to support you. And it’s not about you. This is how the world works. Being a unit among billions of the same units, you can be exhausted over and over again, trying to break through a puzzled crowd pressing from all sides, or you can show people a direction and in an attempt to achieve it – they themselves will carry you to the cherished goal. To speak alone against the whole world is the lot of romantic heroes from books. The realities of the world dictate their own rules. And if you really want to achieve something, start gathering supporters. ToGETher Affiliate Program is our way to attract people. Tell them about our idea, get feedback and first supporters. To get acquainted with those who will become the foundation of the future organization, tell about its principles to new people and help us bring closer the day when our platform will move from the state of a plan wrapped in theses into a fully functional product. ToGETher Partner Program is a smart contract that collects donations for the development of the project, but at the same time offers you a profit in exchange for disseminating information about our project. The program itself consists of two directions, access to which you get simultaneously. Half of your contribution is allocated to each of the directions. Donate size is strictly limited. It is impossible to send funds more or less than the set limit, otherwise, the transaction will simply return you an error. The amount of the contribution will vary depending on the price movements of ETH. Some of you may have mistakenly assumed that this is another matrix contract, like those that are now used to the right and left. But no. Our affiliate program does not contain matrices in its code, but only a clear logic, according to which funds are distributed between partners. We tried to make our code as simple as possible to understand, so that even users with minimal programming knowledge could understand what’s what. Let’s go back to the directions of the affiliate program. The first one is “Personal branch”. Half of your contribution is allocated to it and its essence lies in your relationship with the partners you attract. People who, when registering, indicate your ETH address as the address of the invitee, become your followers, who form a chain within which the distribution of funds will be built. You will receive half of the contribution of each partner you invite, that is, 100% of the funds that will be used within the Personal Program. After you invite four people, in order to be able to continue participating and bring in new people, you will need to reinvest. But it will not be you who will pay for it, but every fourth partner you bring. The procedure is fully automatic. At this stage, part of the funds allocated for the Personal Program will not be received by you, but by your superior partner. For the user who became the trigger for reinvestment, this will be UpLine, and for you, Referrer (the person who invited you to the project). But don’t be discouraged! This loss is more than compensated for by the partners who will be brought by the users you invite. After all, every fourth of them will become a trigger for reinvestment, the funds for which you will receive! So, we figured out how the first half of your donation will work for you. Thus, in order to fully recoup the costs, you need to either invite two people, or invite one, but very active, in order to receive income from reinvestments taking place in him. However, this is not all. We turn to the analysis of the second direction. The corporate branch exists at the expense of the second half of your donation. Just in case, I will clarify again that each cycle consists of four people, after which reinvestment occurs. In other words, your partners in the Personal and Corporate branches are the same people. There are no stupid requirements, like the need to invite different people for each branch, just to generate income for UpLine’s or organizers. Let’s get back to the point. The corporate branch uses the second half of your donation and transfers it not to your Referrer, but to the one who invited him, that is, your UpLine. The situation is identical to what happens when reinvesting in the Personal branch. Therefore, the funds that come from your invited partners, within the Corporate branch, go to your Referrer. You, however, receive donations from those who were brought by the partners you invited. Regarding reinvestment – in the Corporate branch, it happens with you at the same time as in the Personal one. So, every fourth partner you invite pays half of their contribution to our platform, as part of the Corporate program. To clarify the situation a little, I will give an example. Your fourth partner referred you as their Referrer and made a donation. Reinvestment takes place. Half of the funds contributed by him goes to your Referrer (his UpLine) as part of the Personal Program, and the other half, as part of the Corporate Program, goes to us for the development of the project. The smart contract is designed so that all reinvestments of the Corporate Program are received by our project. This is done so that we can achieve the main goal of our project, namely, to develop and launch the platform. As we develop, we will try to offer you other methods of earning, but more on that later. Now to the main thing. One of the main advantages of the Corporate Program is the ability to create your own improvised pool that will bring you passive income. The smart contract is designed in such a way that it remembers all the addresses that once indicated you in the Referrer role. This is reflected in the increasing counter “partnersCount” which you can see by entering your ETH address in the “users” function. Thus, when checking through the same function, each partner you invite will see your address in the “referrerAddress” line. Each partner you invite brings you profit within the Personal Program, and then, when he brings other people, also within the Corporate Program. Thus, by inviting, for example, fifty people for the entire time, you will get people who will invite, on average, four people. Perhaps more, but we will take exactly this number, since this is the limit of one cycle before reinvestment. Count! With an average contribution of $ 40 and 50 partners, within the framework of the Corporate program you will receive 200 people, 50 of which will be reinvested. $ 40 is the total donation. We split it in half to include only the Corporate branch. We get: 150×20 = $ 3000 dollars in ETH cryptocurrency, passive income, which is limited only by the activity of your partners and their number. It is from this pattern that one of the main incentives to develop the Personal branch follows, in addition to the direct income from it. To make the code look simpler and more readable, we have eliminated the complexities associated with this logic and wrote everything much easier. The registration functions from the very beginning contain the logic for the distribution of funds, and the code itself is devoid of unnecessary structures, like those used to create matrix smart contracts. Simple code that does not contain hidden functions and simple conditions of the Affiliate Program itself will make your cooperation with ToGETher more long-term and profitable. Thanks to the properties of a smart contract, our partners can be sure that their interests will not be ignored. The code has been published and the only change we can make to it is to change the donation size in order to avoid situations in which the rise in the price of ETH will make the donation threshold unreasonably high. The owner of the smart contract does not have any other additional rights. No additional fees and promotions for money! The program is designed in such a way that from one address, you can carry out only one successful transaction. Thus, no additional fees or compulsory (and voluntary) purchases of any improvements are provided by this program. You only make your donation once. This is more than enough. It would be unforgivable to ask you for more. Using a smart contract, we were able to avoid situations in which a partner would have to blindly trust us in all financial matters. Funds are distributed automatically, according to the logic of the smart contract. As soon as a new user has joined the program, the contract code immediately creates transactions and redirects the funds contributed by him to everyone involved. Simple code, clear and non-exaggerated conditions, the honesty of which is guaranteed by a smart contract, and income, the amount of which depends only on you. Three theses that can characterize the ToGETher Partner Program. However, it will be better if you see for yourself. Welcome to ToGETher, Partner! (only RUS) (RUS) (ENG)

Token Sale: 18 September — 01 December
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