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TokenData (TDA)

Token sale completed on 30 June
Goal: 1,000,000 USD
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TokenData are the very first multi-exchange platform that builds and executes professional investment decisions, relying on an incredible crypto-assets data lake.
We produce natural data for Asset Managers : financial marketplace information, company data as well as sentiments on social news, news & styles on the whole ecosystem of the crypto assets market. Our services is available through our Trading Terminal platform or a Rest & Fix APIs too as Streaming canals for constant information feeds. Drawing in the energy of Artificial Intelligence, TokenData is a ground-breaking innovator in the creation of alternative datasets that are the ultimate source of energy in today’s resource administration.
The TDA token is a personal location under Reg D – Rule 506 C of SEC. It is the very first European safety token running on the newest Ethereum high standard security smart contract to supply its holders an unique quarterly share revenue distribution. In addition, we ready up an exclusive Top Holder system since well as a fantastic bonus for STO investors.

Token Sale: 01 February — 30 June
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