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Toyken (TOYKEN)

Token sale completed on 18 June
3,500,000 USD 3,500,000 USD 100%
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Specialty Toy Retailer with primary give attention to video game toys, anime, sci-fi and horror themes hard-to-find collectibles. We have actually massive potential in our unique, non-conventional verified specialty shopping technique, with a hook.
You WISH our toys.
B.A. Toys – USA – Specialty Toy Retailer since 2010. Blending non-conventional inventory strategies and conventional day-to-day sales techniques with innovative cryptocurrency integration for an immersive, total buying experience at B.A. Toys. Working, proven business model must be elevated to the next amount for purveyors of toys & collectibles.
Our crypto emerging system will attract new customers, keep new users engaged & services introduce cryptocurrency to a bigger, considerably generalized audience beyond your standard crypto demographic of mainly technological-minded people.

Token Sale: 01 June — 18 June
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