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Making effective cost savings possible. Trevi addresses the real problem behind why 69per cent of americans have $0 in cost savings. A lack of control. Competitors have made valiant attempts to solve the issue with no triumph. Year over season the amount of Americans who conserve absolutely nothing improves, despite currently available solutions. Trevi believes in order to solve the problem you’ve got to find the true issue with saving. It is simple to deposit money to a savings account. It try exceptionally difficult for a lot of people to keep it here and more hard for them to produce regular deposits and grow their savings. Trevi uses smart agreement tech to allow people to create custom parameters around how they access their deposited funds. A user can choose to withdraw funds on a schedule, a date within the future, or only if the cost savings goal amount is hit. Users can set numerous objectives and set custom rules one every one. They can share goals with family, friends, or group reasons.

Token Sale: 01 February — 01 April
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