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Tru Reputation Network (TRU)

Token sale completed on 30 July
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Tru Reputation Network (TRU)

The Tru Reputation Network is the very first decentralized 'Proof of Reputation' solution. Leveraging a distinctive patent-pending Semantic Terms Feedback algorithm, the Tru Reputation Network eliminates the issue of synthetic or fake ratings that is estimated to affect over $320.6 Billion in E-Commerce sales each year (14percent of Sales and rising). The Tru Reputation Network changes the dynamics of feedback to a commodity-led financial model- those who distribute reviews are rewarded with Tru Reputation Token – the unit of economic value in the Tru Reputation Network. Platforms and businesses wishing to query reputation data regarding the Tru Reputation Network pay for those queries utilizing Tru Reputation Token. Platforms benefit from no much longer needing to police their feedback techniques, a substantial and rising cost of the technologies & startup sectors. The Tru Reputation Network is also perhaps not just a white paper- it is currently in use in a prototype form by over 16,000 consumers in New York and London monthly and increasing.

Token Sale: 30 June — 30 July
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