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TrustedHealth (TDH)

Health Care
Token sale completed on 27 April
1,250,000 USD 1,599,975 USD 78%
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TrustedHealth (TDH)

TrustedHealth is a patient-led and doctor-guided cooperative focused on lethal diseases. It’s goal is to source the most effective methodologies for delivering improved fitness outcomes for patients, and ensuring that they’re available to clients all over the entire world.
With TrustedHealth, clients, medical practitioners and the entire health ecosystem is connected straight together. An immediate website link from a patient in a single country to your right specialist in another, delivering the right diagnoses and the best patient care – here is the eyesight of TrustedHealth. Every step of the healthcare enjoy supported and
offered to everybody through a built-in medical ecosystem of healthcare services.

Token Sale: 27 March — 27 April
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