Bitcoin -4,243.94
$42,746.00 -9.92827%
Ethereum -335.53
$2,960.22 -11.33475%
XRP -0.12
$0.92 -12.77304%
Zcash -14.26
$117.95 -12.09397%
Monero -25.98
$232.18 -11.19041%
Tether -0.01
$1.00 -0.51729%
Elite 0.00
$0.00 21.53659%
Stellar 0.00
$0.67 -0.27109%
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TycoonCoin (TTC)

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Token sale completed on 09 September
Goal: Not set
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TycoonCoin (TTC)

TycoonCoin© TTC varies to ordinary cryptocurrencies in that it actively partcipates in the marketplace spot to raise its value. In doing so the manufacturers of TycoonCoin©, TYCOON LIMITED unashamedly state they need it your TycoonCoin© once it increases in benefits. Similarly, you will see others that too will might like to do the exact same. The resulting impact of this is a bidding war between TYCOON LIMITED and the market for your TycoonCoin© tokens as well as the winner will become you.

Token Sale: 09 August — 09 September
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