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$29,219.00 -3.21285%
Ethereum -48.38
$1,963.84 -2.46362%
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Zcash 1.65
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Monero 15.15
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Token sale completed on 23 July
500,000 USD 2,000,000 USD 25%
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Typerium aims to create smoother transactions and a better online enjoy for both purchasers and vendors. Its system will leverage the Ethereum blockchain and smart-contract functionality to generate a universal and decentralised trust and reputation system. This will give each party more info when they conduct transactions, help reduce fraud and create it smoother to solve any conflict. On top of this, Typerium will have a seamlessly integrated mobile-payments solution that takes advantageous asset of the latest technology developments.
The Typerium application will also bring a host of progress to the lives of creators. It will consist of intuitive design software which makes it easier to produce visually stunning work, as well as its own marketplace in which consumers can purchase and sell content. It will also allow creators to sign up their intellectual property in the Ethereum blockchain to assist lessen IP theft.

Token Sale: 26 June — 23 July
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