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United Crypto Mining Group (UCMG) Logo

United Crypto Mining Group (UCMG)

Token sale completed on 27 May
Goal: 25,000,000 USD
Website Whitepaper
United Crypto Mining Group (UCMG)

United Crypto Mining Group may be the first international platform that provides access to remote mining to customers around the globe. It was created to bring the mining of the crypto currency to the expert level, to attenuate the possible risks that happen in the conduct of this task in the home. In this respect, the company provides a hosting service on their network farms for representatives of all countries of the world. On UCMG system your can:
• acquire mining equipment;
• sent their own mining products to the proper remote farm;
• acquire tokens that provides the right to use the capacities of our farms;
• rent tokens to those that did not need sufficient time to buy them during the initial offer;
• to choose on what farm to mine, that will promote healthy competition and optimal condition for cooperation;
• book your own mining farm capacities.

Token Sale: 15 April — 27 May
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