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Valhalla Coin is disrupting the Life Insurance industry. The Life Insurance business raises $2,534bn USD globally in premiums per year ($2.5 Trillion USD). But Life Insurance is flawed at its core. The industry determines the likelihood someone will die during some time, and makes use of this to calculate the premium (amount of money) they will charge to insure see your face. If the individual dies, the insurer will pay an agreed amount of money towards survivors of the premium-holder (usually the family). Our focus is different, we focus on maintaining the premium-holder alive. Rather than selling a financial insurance coverage product, we are building a marketplace of save and recovery solutions. We have spoken to thousands of prospective customers: All would prefer to stay alive, and is ready to pay more (than insurance premiums) to take action. Valhalla Coin permits someone in areas likely become affected by catastrophes (age.g Military Conflict, Earthquake, Hurricane, Tsunami areas) to possess a quick and effective escape route, frequently via helicopter. These escape routes are ordered via contracts paid ahead of time (via cryptocurrency), and stored on people blockchain (while preserving privacy). Valhalla Coin is building a marketplace, in which these services may be rolled down globally. In the event an emergency happens, ex-US Navy SEALs will oversee the safer removal of you (as well as your family members) from risk. Valhalla Coin is global. Our markets try global. This try a multi-trillion dollar market possibility. We have a competent team plus we do not have competitors.

Token Sale: 05 December — 19 December
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