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Vectorium Plus (VCTP)

Vectorium Islands is areas in which the collectivity can produce renewable energy and cryptocurrecy. Those Islands produce power energy value combining wind, solar and spend by a virtuous ecosystem regulated by blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Vectorium Islands are according to Waste to Coin procedure. Imagine a world in which surpluses being healthier, imagine an ecosystem in which the environmental lifecycle creates riches and produces sustainable and healthy way. Think of a world where there is nothing tossed away, think of a planet where the reuse of our own spend improves the lives of our communities. Think of another in which all this will be feasible many thanks to vector islands in which the air we breathe will be pure and sublime as several centuries ago. Realizing all of this is now possible: the mix of hardware, software and intelligence has brought us to a fresh VECTORIUM level. A technology, the Blockchain, permits us to trace vector flows and exchange energy in several seconds at minimal costs. Three crypto coins with various functions (energy transport and repayments, Convertible Bond and Securities) Vector Islands that may become in a position to transform the leftovers of the community into wealth and trade it with other collectives without intermediaries. In a virtuous pattern by which the waste is changed into crypto energy and crypto breath BREATHING SYSTEM Breath is a power manufacturing plant that is dependant on the sublimation process with flameless combustion, by simply presenting atmosphere and managing some resistances placed in the reactor. It’s in a position to provide different energy outputs based on the wants required: Electricity usable on site by way of recharging channels, (electric automobiles / trucks / motorcycles), for lighting, or selling it to industry. Thermal power through which it provides hot, cool and steam liquid to be utilized as needed. Synthetic methane could be conveyed inside ducts for networking, or used as fuel after storage in special tanks. Condensed water, based on the materials accustomed feed the machine and their percentage of humidity, can be utilized for irrigation of crops or in the industries. Carbon and Hydrogen, being it a molecular degradation plant according to chemical, physical and thermodynamic procedures, these are the end result of chemical responses that allow separation. We have the possibility to completly customize power area areas. Underground The plant is underground, with a loading system using an external trapdoor, where the material become disposed can be poured. On ground Machine placed externally, regarding the ground in indoor spaces (sheds, factories etc) or outdoor with a roof address with photovoltaic panels, increasing power manufacturing. On the ocean In this case we find ourselves installing the Breath system on a ship in a position to dispose the countless wastes found in the seas all around the globe, with specific attention to those places where sea currents often concentrate the best quantities. Near the sea The commercial and/or tourist ports are suited to the placement of this system, photovoltaic and wind power based regarding the geographic characteristics of the location.

Token Sale: 01 September — 31 October
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