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Ethereum -57.37
$1,088.42 -5.27059%
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Zcash -2.78
$56.34 -4.92838%
Monero -1.41
$117.90 -1.19416%
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Velareum (VELS)

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Token sale completed on 01 August
4,999,500 USD 5,000,000 USD 99%
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Velareum is P2P cryptocurrency exchanges that let individuals to buy and offer cryptocurrency peer to peer in a safe environment. The platform links purchasers and vendors through an escrow system which safe, enabling system users to buy and offer cryptocurrency fast. The Velareum platform supports the widest possible payment methods, and users can transact using over 50 of the world’s common languages.
Importantly, Velareum is an ICO trading tool which includes a separate ICO tokens counter. Any active ICO can list its tokens with this counter for users from every nation to engage (so long as the neighborhood statutes, laws and regulations allow).
Because of these unique top features of the Velareum change, it is projected become more profitable just two ages after their publish.
The Velareum system try powered by the Velareum Stable Coin (VELS). Holders for the token have actually a raft of benefits such as utilizing the coin to indulge in the ICO your system will list. In addition, Velareum has put up an ICO benchmarking platform. As such, individuals can list and promote their projects here utilizing the VELS coin.

Token Sale: 08 July — 01 August
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