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Token sale completed on 31 December
Goal: 165,730 USD
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Verifer provides AML, KYC, PEP and lots of Compliance verifications but additionally research reports from Companies, products, crypto-currencies an such like. Verifer is producing two separate platforms, one created so that people can speed up the verification process up to twelve fold contrasted to the present one. Verifications takes major section of our start and industry keeps growing extremelly fast. Another system is made for ordering and re-selling item, ICO/IPO and business history investigations. Verifer also combines expert studies with the right an earning chance of our clients. If another investor wants exactly the same facts, they is going to be forwarded the research, and the original investor gets 50 percent of just what is compensated. Whenever you’d any research complete, your would put it to use forget about it as it cannot become resold. However, Verifer offers their users a way to share in the profit instead or replicating the exact same research. With Verifer, you are able to promote your quest to other people. All you need would be to set the price that you want to resell at without any hindrances. You can set the cost at 50 Spy tokens to attract more investors to purchase the research report from your through the system. All this is accomplished transparently using an immutable distributed ledger.

Token Sale: 15 March — 31 December
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