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$103.06 0.07676%
Monero -2.26
$150.71 -1.50138%
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Vesa Token (VSA)

Token sale completed on 28 May
Goal: Not set
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Vesa Token (VSA)

Vesa are a VSA token based on the ERC20 standard. It are integrated within the project infrastructure. In order to cover the investor a commission, the investor will buy VSA for fiat money in the personal account on Having got tokens, the trader will find a way either to keep them as an investment or change it freely for other cryptocurrency in the change. 40,000,000 VSA currently given. Additional problems – technically impossible. In order to guarantee VSA growth, a part of money received from ICO will be utilized for establishing up the reserve fund. Besides, a part of VSA received from commission payment is going to be burnt. More in White Paper.

Token Sale: 27 April — 28 May
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