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Token sale completed on 31 July
Goal: 9,022,320 USD
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VIMee is a social network being developed on the Waves high rate blockchain system that supports community and social interaction with cryptocurrency rewards. VIMee combines the simpleness of centralized social media, with the protection of decentralization, and also the flexibility that cryptocurrency brings.
Decentralization is the continuing future of the web. Our mission is to help smoothen the migration procedure for re-privatizing user data, supplying users the ability to monetize their very own information, protecting the proper for freedom of phrase and whilst supplying a profitable cooperation reward system based on content quality and appeal. All packed within the Islamic laws and regulations of Shariah.
Up to 50% of reverts in Japan after a few months need converted back into their previous beliefs or returned to their previous lifestyles due to insufficient community support. Being outcast by family users or shunned by culture are a serious matter. Which is why VIMee can also be a spot of refuge, someplace people can go to locate something as simple a warm smile, a place to promote knowledge and also seek counselling. The Prophet Mohammad PBUH once said that “Your smile to your sibling are a sadaqah (charitable act) for you".
Whether it feel uploading a pic, sharing a video, giving a message, reading the Qur'an, live video streaming, your name it we got it. VIMee will provide everything your need socially and religously, and your may also earn money from it.

Token Sale: 01 June — 31 July
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