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Token sale completed on 29 March
Goal: 50 000 000 USD
Votem (VAST)

Votem enables citizens, organizations, and governments round the globe to easily manage or take part in online voting aided by the highest feasible level of verifiability, accessibility, security, and transparency. Votem’s MASSIVE Token and associated Platform improves the effectiveness of voting by ensuring the integrity for the voting procedure, the privacy of the voters' choices, and validity of the outcome – for both private and public-sector elections.
Market Opportunity: Major elections are complex, greatly regulated, and consequential. Technology alone – even blockchain, which in numerous respects represents a perfect use-case for voting – do not solve all these challenges. If it did, online voting would be ubiquitous today. Nevertheless, voting represents a $10 billion markets opportunity worldwide. Votem believes that our track record, a variety of operational proficiency in running various kinds of elections on mobile and blockchain technology, positions us to capture significant value in this market and build down a robust supporting ecosystem.
Why Votem? Votem is a founded company with existing products, revenue generating customers, and a proven track record. We have actually effectively run multiple U.S. federal elections (2016 biggest, general, and special elections) and tallied over 8,000,000 on the web votes using blockchain. Votem was seed-funded with almost $1mm by our Founder & CEO and then was further vetted through an oversubscribed Series A capital raise from professional investors. Our team is comprised of experienced entrepreneurs, tenured academics, and skilled election experts with the company leadership, domain expertise, and technical prowess to execute on our plans.
Votem Solution: Our mobile voting platform, CastIron™, provides the application functionality for running elections. It combines advanced mobile capabilities and a private blockchain framework, with general public sidechains for additional verification, making use of voter anonymizing technological schemas and mathematical proofs of verifiability, all enabled by VAST Tokens and constructed on top of our “Proof of Vote®” End-to-End Verifiable (E2E-VIV) Voting Protocol which aims to offer irrefutable evidence of the results of a legitimate vote which was throw and tallied as intended and substantiated by individual and 3rd party validation for the benefit of both the voter as well as the elections administrative body and their interested parties.
VAST Token: The VAST Token is an EIP-20 compliant electronic token issued by Votem Corp. and it is named after the four critical elements of a voting system (Verifiability, Accessibility, Security, Transparency). These tokens will allow someone or organization secure access towards CastIron platform and their features to successfully run elections and ancillary strategies.

Token Sale: 27 February — 29 March
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