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Weriz (WRZ)

Business Services
Token sale completed on 31 December
Goal: 2 500 000 USD
Weriz (WRZ)

Weriz are a platform that develops a bridge between people attempting to fulfill their daily requirements and regional businesses seeking active customers. For a long time, company directories, from easy browsable lists to more advanced level map-based applications were the dominant solution. But they is mainly created towards one celebration’s interests disregarding the other's. They’ve been either too invasive to user’s privacy, making them feeling betrayed or were too passive to the organizations' likings, making them unimpressed. Finding the stability right here was a real challenge, but we need develop an answer to make this into a win-win situation in which everybody feels recognized.
Weriz informs its consumers about a common regional service through advanced reactive and proactive approaches to supply the most relevant, intriguing and practical outcome. While benefiting from tailored facts, they’ll certainly be compensated consequently! Weriz can be counted as a search directory for several regional businesses so that individuals have no concerns whenever visiting a new put. Instead, have enjoyable and earn some money.
Weriz are not revolutionizing advertising industry. Instead, it simplifies the marketing process between individuals and regional organizations. In Weriz, regional businesses get in touch with their real customers – consumers whom specified similar interests or needs – through a group of practical marketing tools. New businesses will also have the chance to be introduced with their potential customers. Weriz applies the best practices of advertisements and advertising to increase the effectiveness of its commission-free services in a transparent and secure platform.
We is heading toward a period of Information Explosion where we have been incessantly confronted with a great amount of data, and that which we actually try to find gets destroyed in the vast pool of the information being suggested to us. This is exactly what we phone noise, which ever-increasing noise is surrounding united states, disabling us to listen the “voices” that we have been actually enthusiastic about.
In the past, when cities where tiny, and local communities were strongly bound, whenever a home based business emerged within a neighbor hood, locals spreading the word orally. It ended up being a promising method that helped the company bloom while the local community used the services or these products that the company offered.
With the development of cities and the emergence of towns, local communities are almost nonexistent and people are any longer in contact with their neighbors. This has resulted in an unawareness toward the events happening nearby. People may be aware that there will be an exhibition in another part for the town, through their online connections, possibly from Instagram, but they’re not probably conscious of just what are taking place inside their neighbor hood unless they have run across it.
This is neither helpful for the firms nor for the folks that are unacquainted with the facilities available within their vicinity. They might search of these business elsewhere, often much farther than necessary.
This is in which Weriz comes into play. Weriz works like an area community for people all around the world. It helps people find the nearest businesses or services they are looking for effortlessly and quickly using reactive and proactive approaches, by either asking them whatever they need or predicting their passions using AI. On the consumer side, It is an integrated business directory and research system that enables people to get relevant products or services to their demands and passions while having a good time and earning money doing that.

Token Sale: 01 December — 31 December
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