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$22,886.00 -3.72599%
Ethereum -81.37
$1,681.39 -4.83916%
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Token sale completed on 20 March
Goal: 50,000,000 USD
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Wibx may be the energy token that will revolutionize the exchange relationships between brands and consumers, transforming social networks consumers into digital influencers.
Wibx may be the native token and the mean of exchange of the WiBOO platform, an advanced and well-structured ecosystem that provides new perspectives for the mainstream advertising strategy models, such as sales activation and customer commitment, utilising the blockchain technology and synthetic cleverness (AI).
WiBOO presents the concept of “SHARED, RECEIVED, PURCHASED, EXCHANGED”: consumers are rewarded in Wibx for sharing in their social networks campaigns and provides that brands publish within the ecosystem. Users will have the ability to use the earned Wibx to purchase goods and services in the WiBOO marketplace, or transform their coins into fiat money or other cryptocurrencies in an exchange.
The system provides marketplace information with unprecedented efficiency, as well as collaborating with digital addition in an accessible and open model. All with clear and easily auditable statistics: blockchain rule establishes that most transactions will be tracked and recorded in a universally accessible ledger distributed with historic proof, which fights execution fraud during digital engagement and other stages of money circulation through an immediate validation, settlement and lower costs processing.
A leap in confidence. A leap in technology. A leap in inclusion.

Token Sale: 01 November — 20 March
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