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Token sale completed on 12 December
Goal: 4,000,000 USD
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Wide Energy attempts difficult to lead the planet's transition from depending on traditional fuels to renewable and cleaner energy. Our goals would be to make a better and cleaner energy at less price that may allow any entity, team and industry to shift its operations to become more environmental-friendly We are interested in brand new technologies, knowledge and innovations that can contribute to your efficiency of renewable energy generation and utilization. As we pursue sustainable power development, we position ourselves as a global system to advance affordable and denomisin partnership with your on the competition Wide Energy Expert Team is in partnership with you on the context of Technology of Block Chain and create Cryptocurrency that will attempt to expand and create green energy for consumers whom are nature fans, and to have clean energy, green earth and healthier ives After we established a good relationship with our investors, we undertake to try reliable Worldwide Currency Exchange and also access the World Stock Market. Through this with caused by selling green energy through valid (LARGE) Token, we create powerful Cryptocurrency all around the globe.

Token Sale: 27 November — 12 December
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