Bitcoin 251.39
$10,562.95 2.37988%
Ethereum 11.59
$338.45 3.42585%
XRP 0.01
$0.23 3.34941%
Zcash 0.70
$53.62 1.30332%
Monero 1.30
$90.48 1.43233%
Tether 0.00
$1.00 0.13978%
Elite 0.00
$0.00 -29.00078%
Stellar 0.00
$0.07 1.25125%
Token sale is active until 28 September
Goal: 708,125 USD
Website Whitepaper

Тhe WINBIX market aims to produce a new channel for sales, allowing participants to sell products during the demand prices whenever you want.
The system utilizes the reversed auction model. The price for the products decreases until certainly one of the individuals prevents the auction. The very first buyer who stops the auction wins.
The specific services of the auctioning process are intellectual belongings of the project: an application was submitted to USPTO.
Distinctive features for the WINBIX market:
– minimum price per each lot is determined randomly at the mercy of the minimal price corridor founded by the Seller, i. e. the minimal price per each lot try different and the worth thereof stays as yet not known to the Buyer
– cost decrease increment is determined arbitrarily, in the range of the previous price and stop cost; thus, each subsequent cost benefits remains unknown to the Buyer
– inventory balance is unavailable to the Buyer, each good deal (item) could be the last one
– Buyer can set any price value where the System should notify the Buyer. This information is available to the Seller and provides a chance to forecast demand at different prices
– the time interval for the cost decrease is set by the Seller for each item
– there try an established direct correlation between your Seller’s purchase costs and the caliber of supplied services
– settlement of disputes by arbitration involving Sellers, Buyers and the System;
– chance to produce quotations for Sellers and, if approved, to purchase items at the desired price
The main income of the company will be a payment for supplying intermediary services for the purchase of products by deals on the e-trading platform
Further, the Company plans to monetize the Buyers’ desire for each cost decrease occasion through marketing. An increased number of item vista are required before purchase, when compared to traditional on line stores, allowing the advertisers to increase the quantity of contacts with a “hot” target audience.
Russia is the Project region now; within 2 ages, it is going to be China, the European Union, as well as the US.
The target Project audience shall include:
– Sellers – small and medium intermediaries/manufacturers whom cannot afford to bear the costs of organizing and maintaining on line sales. Further, the market is going to be useful for companies desperate to occupy a niche among customers with a limited money degree (the mark readers of bulletin panels, joint acquisitions);
– Buyers – people who have average and unhealthy income having to combine an appropriate consumption degree and restricted savings. The audience ready for time-consuming prices in trade for the possibility of acquiring a reasonable price provide.
The team started developing the MVP in July 2018 at its very own expense. For this moment MVP try prepared.
The project emits ERC-20 investment tokens called WINBIX (WBX). WBX tokens is placed into circulation through the DAICO procedure (smart contract-controlled utilization of the project's funds) so as to safeguard individuals.
Distinctive features for the PreDAICO/DAICO WINBIX:
– the collected funds is stored in a smart contract and assigned to the group in parts.
Only Ethereum try accepted as repayment for tokens. Ethereum is stored in an intelligent agreement. The allocation of funds happens once per month in the total amount of TAP. The team may start a change of faucet no more than 1 time in 30 days. For this choice to be made, the consent of 50% of the voters plus 1 vote try necessary. Only tokens of buyers during the DAICO/PreDAICO can engage in the voting. Tokens which are allocated through marketing programs (Airdrop, Bounty) or purchased on the additional market do maybe not need the best to vote.
– reporting of the group to the investors
The team publishes reports on the utilize of funds in the formal website of the team:
– giving investors the right of sole exit from the venture
Any token (except the tokens which are received through marketing programs or purchased in the secondary market) may be returned to the PreDAICO/DAICO smart contract (after 45 days since the conclusion of the PreDAICO or after 90 days since the end of the DAICO) aided by the receipt of a share of the stability of funds for the moment.
– the tokens is maybe not assigned to the project team and the advisers.
– production of a smart contract to back by a token WBX (unit of backing is Ethereum)
A good agreement “SECURITY” try intended to feel funded by the section of the market commission fee 5 years. Any token (without any limits) may be returned to the contract aided by the receipt of a share of funds for as soon as.
– a reversed buyback (BUYBACK) at the fixed cost in Ethereum through appropriate smart contract
Within 6 ages through the publish of the market, WINBIX makes a reversed buyback of tokens at the fixed price. The price is increased by 100% annually

Token Sale: 01 July — 28 September
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