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WinWinCoin (WWC)

Goal: 10 000 ETH
WinWinCoin (WWC)

WinWinCoin gambling solution with decentralized Jackpot
What do we offer? As mentioned above, we’ve the full understanding of latest problems within the gambling business which is why you can expect an effective solution in the type of decentralized anonymous currency WinWinCoin that may save players from limits, fees, make money transfers faster and all sorts of wallets and transactions anonymous which will enable avoid territorial and legislative restrictions. What is WinWinCoin? WinWinCoin is a global relationship of gambling operators using their own WWC cryptocurrency. In addition, we offering a decentralized jackpot for several participants of WWC and the Winex crypto exchange where you can easily buy or sell WWC for almost any other cryptocurrency What is our arrange? WWC tokens will be distributed between gambling operators after which tens of an incredible number of users will get them. Then, WWC Coin holders can sell and buy our money on crypto exchanges like Winex. Mass distribution of the coin one of the target audience and limited emission (200 million tokens) will generate prerequisites for a permanent cost enhance. What are our qualities? The main feature of WWC is a decentralized system of jackpots which are 60 million tokens or 85% of most their total quantity. At the ICO stage, these 85% will replenish the jackpot wallet. Subsequently, the jackpot is going to be replenished by the Winex exchange. The jackpot itself will be divided into three kinds: White (reward pool is 10% of ICO, the currency are ETH) – available to operators. It's a one-off draw, the quantity of prizes is 25. The maximum quantity of individuals is 100. Black (prize pool is $80 million, the currency is WWC) – available to ALL holders of WWC tokens. It's a weekly draw, the amount of prizes is 1000. Red (prize pool is 90% of ICO, the currency is ETH) – available to ALL WWC token holders. It's a monthly draw, the amount of rewards are 1000. In addition, currently you with high safety You are secure by a smart-contract. If ICO doesn't reach the Softcap amount, then all funds received from investors is going to be returned. We is open for communication, and you may always speak to united states through these contacts What is the advantages available? All users receive their very own recommendation links. If an individual has a master-referral, when buying he gets a WWC bonus in the quantity of 10per cent of his buy (Invite bonus), while the master-referral receives a choice (Referral bonus): 5% of the purchasing levels of an invitee in ETH or 10 per cent of the purchasing levels of invitee in WWC. We furthermore declare the holding of Airdrop. All people registered within the system during its holding will take part in Airdrop. The Airdrop investment stores a hard and fast amount of tokens which is distributed the following: each user who has bought a lot more than 20 WWC tokens (through the Airdrop fund at a cost of 0.00333 ETH) is given 100 tokens. After ICO will be completed, the tokens that haven't been distributed from the Airdrop fund is going to be distributed randomly, 30 tokens among all participants of the promotion. There are furthermore two kinds of bonuses. The size of every bonus depends in the size of the token buy and the stage for the auction.

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