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Token sale completed on 15 January
Goal: 14,600 USD
Website Whitepaper
bg1a aims to create earning cryptocurrency feasible for anybody who receives a paycheck. We give workers instant access with their paycheck the second their work’s done. It’s their profits on their terms – real economic control that everyone deserves. And by automating the entire work to paycheck movement on the blockchain, we free companies from payroll processing some time costs.
Our co-founders need spent more than 10 years in the HR technology worlds. Years of watching on because the millions of workers their previous companies offered waited weeks to receives a commission. It made no sense, they agreed. Why, in a global of electronic repayments and on-demand everything, did biweekly and monthly pay durations remain?
Imagining a faster, fairer and simpler ways to produce payroll, the concept for was created in 2013. And now, with the blockchain, we need the tech to make it possible, seamless and efficient.
Ryan Fyfe, our CEO, previously created (Profitable and 13M in VC Capital raised) which has be a market leader in Employee Scheduling and Automated Time Tracking), and Ivan Petrovic, COO, created, a leader in automatic time-tracking solutions for remote workers.
The founding team has bootstrapped the company to the tune of $250,000 for over annually, delivered 2 products with growing adoption and now for the first time is starting their Token Sale to the public.

Token Sale: 15 December — 15 January
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