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World Trip Singapore (WTXT)

Token sale completed on 30 April
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World Trip Singapore (WTXT)

In the midsts of traveling needs shifting from “the material” to “the experience” , we would like to pay attention to the that state of growing content surrounding activities. The way tourists look for information, on might be found as service and restaurants found just in that country, and how they have enjoyable during travel, is changing. A growing amount of people are no much longer satisfied with solutions tour organizations offer; Japan too has websites providing activities or concierge and consulting service.
Our plan are develop our service first in Asia, where the amount of tourists is growing in latest years, then to Europe and America, expanding the WTS platform globally. Once visitors make use of the platform, it gives a place for those guests to being neighborhood hosts. By combining the data of what just locals know and the expertise of a bunch and communicating it, residents of the world can pay attention and make a booking if compelled to take part or encounter such things. The arrangement is complete once the host guides the tourists to your neighborhood hot spots.
Whether it’ s a unique arrange that only residents can do, an event that’ s been introduced on the WTS system website, or niche tasks not yet understood online, WTS are a device that offers a brand new dimension traveling.

Token Sale: 01 March — 30 April
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