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Token sale completed on 28 February
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wysker (WYS)

The wysker application are a high-intensity visual shopping experiences made for Generation Snapchat. Imagine browsing through a large number of online shops with simply a single key. It is a curated and very customized experience with instant satisfaction through a novel reward model. The wysker application launches globally on Janaury 31, 2018 on Android and iOS. The blockchain are at the core for the wysker system, enabling users and advertisers to have a primary union while protecting consumer privacy and preventing fraud. It cuts from middleman and allows a new concept we phone “advertising based on consent”. In this model, the user is accountable for their information and will offer selective access in return for wys tokens.

Token Sale: 31 January — 28 February
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$14,085.6999838 7.0000000 ETH
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