Bitcoin 21.57
$10,490.42 0.20566%
Ethereum -0.86
$340.33 -0.25216%
XRP 0.00
$0.23 0.8406%
Zcash 0.27
$52.91 0.51267%
Monero 0.88
$90.55 0.97733%
Tether 0.00
$1.00 -0.1434%
Elite 0.00
$0.00 251.53939%
Stellar 0.00
$0.07 0.76168%
Token sale completed on 31 May
Goal: 1 500 000 USD

xCrypt could be the first innovative crypto ecosystem with its heart in ist exchange: hybrid, compliant with the securities and attentive towards erc721’s future, designed become easy, comfortable and innovative. We believe that, within the near future, many alterations in the cryptocurrencies industry will occur, as well as within the trading industry plus in how this world try conceived. This ‘s the reason why, after very carefully developing their concept, since their host nation allows it, xCrypt decided that its priorities is those of detailing security tokens, having a proper and strategic marketplace the erc721 and carrying out revolutionary characteristics in the relationships with the ICO. These decisions were taken therefore that xCrypt can reward their community with a zero fee trade, relating it to another members through the social media marketing system and month-to-month compensating its holders via airdrop through a ranking system.
XCT token try the one which allows to profit from the xCrypt ecosystem’s services and it rewards its trade users and holders following an innovative method through essential airdrops.
– Fully compliant trading operations
– Centralized & Decentralized Exchange Platform
– Withdraw FIAT from cryptocurrencies | Store FIAT and cryptocurrencies – Custom built Bot Trading | Airdrop Ranking System
– Erc 20 | Erc 721 | Memberships
– ZERO fees | Securities token
– Dependable electronic wallets | 100% encrypted platform
– Multi Language Platform | Fast deposits and withdrawals
– Exchange FIAT and Cryptocurrencies
– Make payments with FIAT and cryptocurrencies
– Providing tutorials and webinars from expert traders
– User friendly internet site interface and mobile software

Token Sale: 01 March — 31 May
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