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Token sale completed on 13 March
40,000,000 USD
Website Whitepaper

YGGDRASH is a trust-based multi-dimensional blockchains (branches) built with a vision “Digitize everything into reality” and to get in touch everything and any blockchain networks. YGGDRASH’s main-net try called STEM, and its cryptocurrency is YEED. It try a trust-based blockchain ecosystem in which each branch is governed by reputation to make sure integrity.
Yggdrash ecosystem assistance business build a versatile blockchain platform that pertains to such diverse businesses as cryptocurrency, property, stock market, and business. We are working on business cases in areas we have deep knowledge, in DEX (Decentralized Exchange Platform) and Remittance, also it will prove practicability.
DEX (Decentralized Exchange Platform)
Yggdrash blockchain enables investors to savor the quick and secure cryptocurrency change without moving funds to a third party platform. This will prevent a tragedy just took place in Coincheck, a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, that was hacked and lost over USD 500 Mil.
Our partner, Bluepan, the biggest player in remittance market, is working closely together to enhance remittance environment in Yggdrash ecosystem. Beyond international remittance business, we’ll perform as an integrated cross-border payment platform provider.

Token Sale: 12 March — 13 March
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